Guide on Exterior 3D Rendering – Best Trends to follow in 2022

3d exterior rendering

The world of 3D architectural rendering surprises us time and again with constant innovations. In this article, we’ll explore the shaping trends in 3D exterior rendering. Stay on top, with us!

3D Exterior rendering services are widely used by architects, marketing agencies, and real estate developers alike. Thanks to exterior renderings, architects are able to avoid design mistakes and every element of the exterior can be thoroughly analyzed. What’s more, any changes can be easily made during the course of the project. Like any other industry, though, the architecture industry is also constantly evolving with the latest trends. In order to stay versatile, architects need to cater to new demands and keep up with the world. 

Incorporating the latest styles and trends in 3D architectural rendering helps create unique renders to create a successful project. Here’s a look at some 3D visual trends that you can look into, to build better connections with your consumers and clients and  drive  business growth through this year:

Virtual Reality Still Reigns

Even though VR has been trending for a while now, the reason it’s still going strong is that’s it’s being used a lot more extensively than before. Virtual reality helps showcase 3D buildings and floor plans in an enigmatic way, creating a wonderful experience for your clients. It’s probably very expensive and yet it can’t be replaced!

Animation is a Significant Trend

Animation has been in the industry for years now, but architects and designers are using it for 3D renderings too. By using a sequence of still CG images, 3D architectural renderings can create walk-through videos for viewers to see through an entire home design, including doors, rooms and even the surrounding environment. Animation also opens the door to creativity in the form of storytelling. 

Augmented Reality is Widely Popular

Augmented reality creates a virtual environment with the use of 3D interactive graphics that are gaining widespread popularity and are expected to go strong in 2022 as well. Thanks to AR, Architects can showcase the 3D model of a building when there’s nothing built yet. The best part of AR is that, unlike VR, it doesn’t require expensive gadgets. It can also be easily accessed with a help of a smartphone or a tablet. 

Watercolour and Other Artistic Rendering

Ironically, with the advancement of hyperrealistic artistic renders, a lot of architects have stuck to traditional methods of rendering. This is seemingly due to a sudden increase in demands by clients who’ve been asking for stylized CG images that imitate sketches and watercolours. Hence, many specialists are now getting more creative with their renders to make impressive project presentations. 

Storytelling is Going Strong

One of the most important architectural trends of 2021 that is most likely to continue is storytelling. The contest by CGarchitect even proves the same, where the winning 3D render shows amazing and complex stories. So, in order for project presentations and real estate ads to appeal to the masses, storytelling should definitely be one of your strong points. 

Cloud-Rendering is giving In-House Rendering a Tough Competition

Cloud rendering is a technological solution that lets a  3D visualiser render CG imagery.  Since it’s an on-demand service, you have access to a number of CPUs and GPUs to work on their files. Moreover, it allows for optimising the allocation of computing power, which speeds up the entire rendering process. Specialists in this field who use cloud rendering get their 3D renders in minutes, while the same thing takes hours in-house render farms. The advantage here is that 3D artists get to work on more projects at the same time so they can present their designs to stakeholders faster. 

These are some of the main architectural trends still going strong in 2022. 3D rendering technology has paved the way in architecture to produce amazing results with incredible accuracy. But, the human tendency to achieve more is pushing the architectural industry to explore beyond boundaries.. These trends are putting it on the path to achieving absolute excellence.    

With the integration of 3D rendering services in architecture, the issues of manual labour have been eradicated, making the process quicker than ever. These trends have opened the doors to extreme efficiency and creativity. This means that if you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to implement new trends in your work.

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