What are 3D Panoramas? Let’s Take a Look at the Top Benefits!

What are 3D Panoramas

It’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”; so what is the worth of a 3D panoramas view? With the advent of new technology in 3D rendering services, it’s now possible to capture an entire room with a single button! Read on to find out why you should implement this tool to improve your sales!


As an architect or an interior designer, you’re already aware of how important it is to showcase your designs in the best possible way with 3D renderings. But is there a way to take it up a notch and let your clients ‘immerse’ themselves in the image? This is where 360° 3D technology comes in. 3D panoramas are gaining more popularity these days, as the viewer can have a 360-degree view, in all directions, through a virtual tour.


But what are 3D panoramas? 

Simply put, they provide a realistic experience of areas and real estate using panoramas which are made by assembling several individual images by either 2-dimensional large-format frames or 3-dimensional “shorts”. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of 3D panoramas and how to effectively use them.


Creates a positive image of your proposal

When you demonstrate an object, room, or building with panoramic tours, it helps to put it in a better perspective with optimal lighting. Your client can appreciate all there is to see in the most realistic way, capturing their attention and fully discovering the essence of what’s being sold.


Makes Visualization Easier & more Effective 

One of the benefits of 360° 3D panoramas is that it gives clients a clear picture of what a building will look like and help them see beyond the field of view. Clients may have difficulty imagining the layout of a house or apartment, especially while it is still under construction. With 3D panoramas, regardless of the stage of completion, a client or investor can not only view what a space would look like but also walk through them.


Effectively Complements Your Existing Presentations

This technology works great as a marketing tool. It can be used as an effective top layer for the final design of a building. The immersive quality which is improved with VR glasses creates a good source of entertainment for your client during a presentation. Moreover, panoramic 3D interior renderings have the potential to enhance your design workflow and do not require an expensive setup.


Increases Loyalty and Trust of  Clients

A 3D panoramic view positions the client directly in the space. They convey information about orientation, space, size, and height as they rotate the screen. There’s no scope for manipulation and a panoramic image (especially when it is paired with virtual reality) imitates a real-life environment, making it easier for clients to navigate through 3D panoramas. This clarity further helps to build trust among clients and potential investors, thus improving sales.


Serves as a Great Marketing Tool

3D panoramas are the perfect way to advertise your projects. For example, if you sell real estate, and provide entertainment services, then a virtual tour of the building or a virtual walkthrough of the complex serves as the perfect advertisement to attract your customers.


The truth is, architectural design is a lot more three-dimensional than we would like to believe. After being confined to 2D representation for ages, a new wave of 3D representation has finally taken over and will fast become the defining standard for future architectural representations.


Choosing the right 3D architectural rendering services company that effectively shows “before and after views” is better than having an extremely expensive physically built model. 

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