Guide on Exterior 3D Rendering – Best Trends to follow in 2022

The world of 3D architectural rendering surprises us time and again with constant innovations. In this article, we’ll explore the shaping trends in 3D exterior rendering. Stay on top, with us!

3D Exterior rendering services are widely used by architects, marketing agencies, and real estate developers alike. Thanks to exterior renderings, architects are able to avoid design mistakes and every element of the exterior can be thoroughly analyzed. What’s more, any changes can be easily made during the course of the project. Like any other industry, though, the architecture industry is also constantly evolving with the latest trends. In order to stay versatile, architects need to cater to new demands and keep up with the world. 

Incorporating the latest styles and trends in 3D architectural rendering helps create unique renders to create a successful project. Here’s a look at some 3D visual trends that you can look into, to build better connections with your consumers and clients and  drive  business growth through this year:

Virtual Reality Still Reigns

Even though VR has been trending for a while now, the reason it’s still going strong is that’s it’s being used a lot more extensively than before. Virtual reality helps showcase 3D buildings and floor plans in an enigmatic way, creating a wonderful experience for your clients. It’s probably very expensive and yet it can’t be replaced!

Animation is a Significant Trend

Animation has been in the industry for years now, but architects and designers are using it for 3D renderings too. By using a sequence of still CG images, 3D architectural renderings can create walk-through videos for viewers to see through an entire home design, including doors, rooms and even the surrounding environment. Animation also opens the door to creativity in the form of storytelling. 

Augmented Reality is Widely Popular

Augmented reality creates a virtual environment with the use of 3D interactive graphics that are gaining widespread popularity and are expected to go strong in 2022 as well. Thanks to AR, Architects can showcase the 3D model of a building when there’s nothing built yet. The best part of AR is that, unlike VR, it doesn’t require expensive gadgets. It can also be easily accessed with a help of a smartphone or a tablet. 

Watercolour and Other Artistic Rendering

Ironically, with the advancement of hyperrealistic artistic renders, a lot of architects have stuck to traditional methods of rendering. This is seemingly due to a sudden increase in demands by clients who’ve been asking for stylized CG images that imitate sketches and watercolours. Hence, many specialists are now getting more creative with their renders to make impressive project presentations. 

Storytelling is Going Strong

One of the most important architectural trends of 2021 that is most likely to continue is storytelling. The contest by CGarchitect even proves the same, where the winning 3D render shows amazing and complex stories. So, in order for project presentations and real estate ads to appeal to the masses, storytelling should definitely be one of your strong points. 

Cloud-Rendering is giving In-House Rendering a Tough Competition

Cloud rendering is a technological solution that lets a  3D visualiser render CG imagery.  Since it’s an on-demand service, you have access to a number of CPUs and GPUs to work on their files. Moreover, it allows for optimising the allocation of computing power, which speeds up the entire rendering process. Specialists in this field who use cloud rendering get their 3D renders in minutes, while the same thing takes hours in-house render farms. The advantage here is that 3D artists get to work on more projects at the same time so they can present their designs to stakeholders faster. 

These are some of the main architectural trends still going strong in 2022. 3D rendering technology has paved the way in architecture to produce amazing results with incredible accuracy. But, the human tendency to achieve more is pushing the architectural industry to explore beyond boundaries.. These trends are putting it on the path to achieving absolute excellence.    

With the integration of 3D rendering services in architecture, the issues of manual labour have been eradicated, making the process quicker than ever. These trends have opened the doors to extreme efficiency and creativity. This means that if you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to implement new trends in your work.

Render Visuals, The Architectural Studio is at your Service

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A Complete Guide to Check Quality of 3D Rendering

One of the key aspects of the use of 3D rendering is to show a certain product in the most realistic way possible. With that being said, the quality of 3D rendering is important to take your client’s breath away and increase the scope of investment. Here’s how to evaluate the same!

It’s no secret that 3D rendered images have become an important part of any visual content for marketers, advertisers, real estate agents and others. Rendering helps you communicate your ideas to your clients and demonstrate the end results of a project even before you begin with it. Not only does this give a more comprehensive vision of a project’s layout, but also helps  catch and solve any problems in the construction process early on. 

Moreover, 3D rendering helps increase the product’s profitability as clients are more likely to invest in something when they have a detailed preview of what it would eventually look like. 

Creating 3D renders requires extensive skill and knowledge, but not every 3D rendering service is the same. How do you determine the difference between high and low-quality renders? These are the important areas you should evaluate:

Focus on Detail

A 3D render should be able to get the smallest details right. This means that objects in a rendering should resemble how it looks like in real-life. For instance, while rendering interior objects like a living room, can you see the soft velvety textures or the shine of metallic accessories? Can you appreciate the appearance of texture? These considerations increase the appeal of the final render and make it look realistic. 

Proper Lighting

The lighting in a 3D render should appear like how it does in a photograph and is usually the first thing that artists focus on. To produce 3D renderings that stimulate the viewers emotions, lights and shadows are an essential component. An image’s lighting is an important feature and hence the artist should place special focus on  scene lighting. Flat or unbalanced lighting ruins the overall effect on the quality of the final image and hinders the necessary emotions for the observer. 

Realistic Surfaces & Materials

Every object has a reflection and artists should have a certain degree of skills and knowledge on how materials behave in real life. While some objects have matte reflections, some others possess glossy ones and the creation of all these surfaces requires an understanding of how reflections and light occur in the actual world. Besides the house or building, the surroundings must also have realistic surfaces; trees, patches of grass or a fence, and all other 3D assets that are presented. This means that you should pay close attention to how these surfaces are developed in a 3D render.

Appearance of Colour

A complete 3D rendering requires the proper use of different colours to bring the image to life. When it comes to different projects, the colours used must be complementary to the look that you’re trying to achieve. Some artists think that the more colour you add, the better your image will appear, but they’re mistaken. Using around 3-4 colours gives a better visual effect as it holds the viewers’ attention on the object that you’re trying to put focus on, like a building minus the surrounding colourful distractions. 

Adding People

To make 3D renderings more appealing, including people makes it more relatable to the viewer. However, rendering 3D people is not easy and can actually have the opposite effect if done incorrectly. Numerous factors come into play like the balance of contrast, colour and saturation. But if the effects of adding people is done correctly, then viewers can appreciate the end product and give the render an artistic flair. 

High-quality renderings are an integral part of how successful your project will turn out. Would like you to have quality 3D renderings that attract consumers and investors? You can connect with us on our website RenderVisuals, or contact us at  +61- 406 822 061. to know more!

We guarantee you’ll find that our work matches the high standards of quality you expect from a 3D render!


Upscale your Real Estate Sales with 3D Rendering

Real Estate marketing strategies keep evolving and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends to keep your clients on the hook. 3D rendering for real estate is the most recent technology that helps real-estate agents promote their properties. Find out how!

3D rendering services have become increasingly popular over the past decade, as it allows you to view a project long before construction or completion. It employs high-end technology tools to give a hyper-realistic view of features like lighting and materials, making it beneficial especially for real estate. 

Traditionally, potential buyers would have to either visit a property,  travel or settle for photos and videos before making a buying decision.3D rendering goes a step further and makes buyers feel like they’re actually standing in a room without being physically present. If you want to  improve your real estate sales,,  keep reading about how 3D rendering for real estate can help you achieve that:

View Property before Construction

Previously, only developers with completed housing projects could have their cake and eat it. They could use marketing materials and prepare high-end presentations along with professional photos and videos of a property. Meanwhile, those with unfinished real estate or pre-sale development wouldn’t be as lucky. What could they do to allow buyers to visualise a property before it exists? But that was before the advent of 3D rendering. With beautiful photorealistic 3D renders, customers now have a home or interiors to visualize, making them much more likely to invest in a property. 

Highlights the Benefits of a Property

A 3D render of a real estate property accentuates the beneficial details of the home or property in a way that 2D  photographs cant. For example, 3D visualisation can highlight all the functional benefits of the interior design like the layout, room location and decor. This gives an accurate sense of what the property will look like and encourages investment in the property. A photo-realistic 3D render can further show other aspects like surrounding streets, parking lots, complexes—to show a potential buyer everything required they need to make a buying decision.. These small details are a visual treat to customers as they will appreciate everything the dwelling has to offer. 

Makes a Stronger Emotional Connection with Buyers

Advertisements that evoke strong feelings in customers are much more likely to result in sales compared to regular ads. Professional imagery resulting from 3D renders for real estate adds details to transform it into an appealing sight. 

For instance, apartment 3D renders can include elements like furniture and artwork that helps visually elevate the coziness and comfort of a future home. 

Using 3D rendering, you can also add emotion-evoking details including weather effects, additional details like plants and animals, immersing the viewer in the atmosphere of the area. 

Justifies the Pricing of Pre-sale Property

When you only have sketches and drawings of an empty plot, it’s hard to break down the price of a real estate development. No matter the quality of the build or the materials used, convincing customers that your empty plot of land is worth the amount you’re quoting is a difficult task. However, with photoreal 3D visualisation images, you can easily display all the features of a property that make it stand out from the rest. 

For example, potential buyers can appreciate unique aspects of a plot like the architecture or parking area in 3D renders of the property. Thus, they’ll be able to figure out why a certain property is worth its price. 

Builds Trust with the Agent 

Real estate marketing often includes unrealistic, edited photos and videos to make properties look better than what they really are. With 3D rendering, there is no scope for deception as it can be used to show the various dimensions of a property accurately. When potential buyers look at a precise property layout, it will encourage them to make an investment as you don’t run the risk of disappointing people when they arrive at the actual property having something else in mind. This will help build trust among your customers and further propel you as an honest real estate company or agent that is completely transparent with its buyers.

Lend Form to your Designs with 3D rendering

With the use of 3D rendering for real estate, you can present to your customers houses that are unfinished or don’t exist, highlight all the design benefits so buyers will know the kind of investment they’re making. 

Are you looking to showcase the benefits of your property with 3D visualization?  You should check out our 3D rendering services at Render Visuals. You can connect with us on our website RenderVisuals, or contact us at  +61- 406 822 061.

Looking for the Best 3D Rendering Company? Here’s 5 ways to Make the Right Choice!

Choosing from different 3D rendering services can be quite a challenge! But when you’re faced with the responsibility of helping your customers bring their dreams to life, you should be able to perceive and satisfy your client’s expectations. 

With the many 3D visualization in better companies available, you will have to select just one. In this guide, we will help you select the best services, by weighing all the pros and cons so you’re able to make a proper decision. 

Tips on Choosing a 3D Rendering Company

Finding the perfect 3D rendering service can be simpler by careful planning and thorough analysis. Here we have broken down the process into some useful tips:

Research the Highest-Ranked Studios

The first thing you can do is google 3D rendering companies and shortlist a few options. Carefully consider all that companies say they offer. You can then compare the prices, but in the end, the quality of the final output and services are more important. Browse the websites in detail to find technical details that are relevant to your needs and focus on the ones that check the most number of boxes on your list. 

Check the Companies’ Projects

Look at the studio’s CGI portfolio to assess their experience, quality of work and interpretations of different designs. While some companies may focus on 3D visualisation features like lighting or texture, others may focus on interpreting basic concepts like the goals and purpose for which the project was approved. It also helps to look at the companies’ case studies to understand the workflow, project sales and how they communicate with clients. 

Look for Teams rather than  Freelancers

3D teams usually have their processes in place, the expertise and the capacity to handle bigger projects and are willing to commit to your project on a long-term basis. Sometimes, when you work with freelance 3D artists, you run the risk of your project being abandoned halfway. Teams in a 3D architectural studio have access to stronger rendering power that allows them to render larger files in a shorter span. 

Refer to Customer Testimonials

Testimonials and feedback are a valuable source of information. By reading customers’ testimonials, you will be able to determine whether or not the company’s clients are satisfied with their work. You will also have a clearer idea of the studio’s work ethics, thereby allowing you to narrow down your choices. 

Discuss the Interaction System

Communication is important for management. Assess the companies based on your interactions with customer care, the designer and the business manager. You can’t establish effective business relationships when the firm doesn’t communicate effectively with the client. Check and rate their responsiveness to emails and on social media platforms.


With a good 3D rendering studio, there are tons of perks you can enjoy, especially when it’s an established one. Do keep in mind that every rendering company is different, so it’s good to go for 3D rendering services that provide fixed quotes based on project requirements. 


For more queries regarding 3D renderings and services related to the same, feel free to connect with us on our website RenderVisuals, or contact us at +61- 406 822 061.


5 Key Benefits Of 3D Rendering Floor Plans

For a long time, commercial floor plans have been designed and represented in 2D graphics. However, this means clients and buyers have had a  hard time visualizing what the final product is supposed to look like. Thanks to the rapid advancement of computer graphics, a vast amount of thinking and imagination can be conveyed with 3D illustrations. 


Using 3D render floor plan, buyers get a clear idea of the project’s expectations. These plans come in handy when selling units to potential tenants or new owners, thus offering an accurate view of the construction. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the various advantages of 3D rendering for your residential or commercial projects. 


Top Benefits of 3D Floor Plan Rendering

Though 3D floor plan rendering is not new, it’s one of the most life-changing additions to the architectural industry. This visualization technology has made it possible for floor plans to go from paper and pen measurements to 3D displays. These images help break barriers and simplify the buying process. The following are a few benefits of such innovations:

Greater Visual Impact

A 3D floor plan visualizes the colour, design and various elements of a structure far better than a 2D sketch. Instead of symbols, It’s possible to get a realistic view of the furniture and accessories such as wardrobes, benches and tables. Moreover, there are significantly more enquiries for house listings that have a 3D rendering floor plan. 

Better Results with a Smaller Investment

Modifying and creating a design with 3D rendering floor plan saves more time, space and money. Architects use far less time in searching for glitches and flaws in the initial stages of planning and development. It also helps clients to estimate the total cost of the required material. 

Helps in Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Making an interactive 3D floor plan rendering creates a great impression and displays the products that your clients are interested in. The architectural 3D plans can be displayed on third party websites, trade shows and other events to facilitate easy and effective advertising and marketing. 

Keep a Better Track of Everything

Rendered floor plans make everything simpler. This is because developers can show clients how far they are along with a certain project with just a few clicks. This helps to communicate property-related information much better than a simple email would. 

Affordable and Online

3D floor plan rendering is performed online and therefore any errors can be easily rectified with less turnaround time. It’s also a lot cheaper compared to other forms of renovation and extension. Clients can see the room and floor from all angles as if they were actually there. 

Creating a 3D floor plan rendering has amazing benefits for both the client and the designer. It helps facilitate understanding and smooth dialogue by guiding, clients and customers to grasp the turn-key of projects that they visualize. 

Render Visuals delivers realistic and immersive experiences through architectural 3D floor plan renderings. Our team has experience working with builders, architects, engineers, interior designers and clients from around the world. For more queries regarding 3D renderings and services related to the same, feel free to connect with us on our website or contact us on +61- 406 822 061.